One of the newest gacha games out there, Arknights is a tower defense game (ala Plants vs. Zombies) but this time you defend your base with cute girls/waifus rather than a bunch of flora. Gacha is when you roll the dice for new operators–with the more desirable ones being really rare. AK will make you experience endless despair (and thus tempt you to spend real money) but also has unbeatable moments of bliss when a rare squad member finally comes home. It's also very aesthetic.

Fire Emblem Heroes

If you think a Nintendo Switch is perfect but the problem is buying a Switch (we feel you) then this free version of one its best games should be your next download. Fire Emblem Heroes is basically a mini-version of the strategy RPG!

Adorable Home

What better way to escape the dull reality that is your home than by...designing your perfect home on your phone! Your girl might be in to this already, so it's an added way to deal with the LDR situation!


Wala na bang pag-asa ang rank mo sa ML? Time to switch over to a different MOBA then! Vainglory doesn't get as much hype as its peers, but reviews say it's one of the smoothest title out there so it might be your key to victory.

Pocket City

Walang ginagawa si mayor? Well, hopefully you vote for someone better next time. Meanwhile, you can build your very own utopia in Pocket City instead–a vision for Manila 2152! If we aren't all underwater by then, that is.