There’s a lot to unpack in Dota 2’s latest update, which is probably the biggest change to the game ever since talent trees arrived. The usual hero and item tweaks are present, but there are some big Quality of Life changes to the game. We think the overall pace is going to increase and we also predict the following well-worn excuses to become obsolete with the new patch:

New map too! Don't get lost

“Wala akong item, may magaling kasi na pumatay ng cour.”

Now every player has their own courier—automatic pa! It even gets a free flying upgrade at Level 5. So you only have yourself to blame if nag-padeliver ka sa alanganin and na-snipe siya.

“Akin muna cour, may bote ako.”

Hello, mga pabidang mid! See #1. Bababa na kaya toxicity ng Dota kasi wala nang agawan ng bird? Only time will tell.

“Namatay ako kasi walang nag-ward, bobo support.”

Your courier can also place Observer Wards (starting at Lv.15) but the bigger change is that Obs are now FREE. So if there are no wards up, then it’s very easy for you to do it yourself you lazy/cheap bastard.

“Wala ako TP eh.”

Didn't join the teamfight because you don't have a scroll? Didn't help your ally being tower dived? Well, every player now starts with three TP scrolls. So if di ka nag-rorotate ibig sabihin may sariling mundo ka lang talaga.

“Jungle muna ako, kayo na bahala.”

Now that neutral creeps drop all sorts of tiered unique items, sure na may patayan lagi sa jungle (ng mga walang pera) and bawal na mag-AFK farm sa batgu.