Social distancing, lockdown, enhanced community quarantine, extreme enhanced community quarantine—these are measures currently being used by the government to flatten the curve. But what do all these mean, really? And why are events being cancelled, and virtually everything grinds to a halt? Exag ba ang mga ito?

Here's a helpful video that explains everything happening in the world right now:

Essentially, history tells us that social distancing, quarantines, or anything that limits movement and human interactions help slow down the rate of infection and, more importantly, will save more lives— even if the total number of infected will be the same without these measures. This is because hospitals and medical facilities will be able to treat patients by not being overwhelmed. Imagine mo kung lahat tayo magkasakit ng sabay-sabay. Hindi tayo lahat magkakasya sa ospital!

This is why everyone is encouraged to stay at home for one month. We all know someone who is having a harder time than most, whether being financially unable to do so, or physically having difficulty getting stuff for themselves. Let's help those in our immediate circle, then help however we can the rest in the country. And do not hoard, you m**f**r.

Banner photo screengrabbed from ANC