The “Stop and Shop” signboard can be found in jeeps plying the Cubao-Sta. Mesa-Legarda route. You take that route if, say, you’re studying at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines or if you’re going to SM Centerpoint. But Stop and Shop seems more like a concept than a real place. 

Polythecnic University of the Philippines, Sta. Mesa

SM Centerpoint

Many say Stop and Shop is what used to be the Sta. Mesa Market, which is now SM Centerpoint. Here is what it looked like:

Photo from Retroscope

Sta. Mesa Market, or Stop and Shop, was known for selling PX goods. That’s another term you never hear anymore, but your parents and grandparents loved the sound of it. PX means “Post Exchange”, and the dictionary meaning is a retail store on an army installation that sells goods as services to military personnel and their dependents and to certain authorized civilian personnel. 

PX goods are a holdover from the days when we had US military bases in the country and they were our source of American goods like shoes, cigarettes, liquor, and canned goods. Remember, we didn’t have a lot of malls back then. 

There is a building near the Old Sta. Mesa Street that is named Stop and Shop. This is most probably it. The strange thing is that most people who regularly ply the route don't ground themselves to that building to indicate they are in "Stop And Shop". It's just that once you've passed the Centerpoint area, Stop and Shop na yon!

(This story has been updated)