"Huy, bakit ka malungkot? Di ka ba nag-enjoy?"


We are definitely not going to spoil this for you—it’s important you stick to the end of the video to find out. 

Just know that rapper Pio hits it right to the core of complicated relationships in his new track called “Patak ng Ulan.” If you’ve even been in one the way Pio describes it, tatamaan ka talaga. Pio himself sent out the message when he dropped the premiere of the video in his Facebook page:

The girl he is getting it on with in the video is Andrea Babierra, a former member of girl group Pop Girl who has since gone solo. She does fine vocal work “Patak ng Ulan” to add more feels to Pio’s rap. But we think the real gem in Andrea’s performance is that she looks very ready to explore her sexier side. Andrea, if you think you’re ready for a full shoot, AO is all yours. 


But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. You need to watch the video, and like we said, stick till the end: