Ang yaman talaga ni Alodia Gosiengfiao!


We already know that the popular cosplayer and gamer comes from a pretty well-off family, but that has not stopped her from making even more money on her own. Not only has she endorsement deals as a bona fide celebrity, she also runs her own company, Tier One, an esports and gaming agency that takes care of the careers of a number of pro gamers. Imagine the kind of money that bring in. 

And you’ve got more money than the loads you already have to begin with, you’re allowed to spend it more crazily than others. So what she did was buy a huge-ass van, and then take it to the pre-eminent car custom shop Atoy Customs for pimping out. The result: A ride that feels like a first-class airplane cabin inside, and one that talks! 

Hey Alexa! Turn on screen and put on Alodia’s vlog showing how her van was made: