Zach Lucero is an out and out music guy. He was a DJ at the iconic rock music station NU107 in the ‘90s right up to its demise in the mid-2000s. Then he dipped his hands into Internet radio with the now-defunct Radio Republic. He was a onetime programming consultant for MTV Philippines. He founded and still plays for longtime band Imago (was a drummer, now a guitarist), and is also a sought after session musician.

But these days Zach is much more famous for something else.

Zach published Makina on Facebook to indulge his love for motorcycles by reviewing them two-wheeled beauties in amusing short-form videos that also made up the bulk of his content on his YouTube channel, set up in 2017. His irreverent take on the review format was a success, and just like that Makina is now 432,000 strong on FB, and 246, 000 subs on YT, racking up a total of 29 million views as we write this. 

The motorcycle community trusts Zach for his opinions because he is easily understood; he doesn’t dwell too much on the technical. The humor makes his content even more appealing. The motorcycle manufacturers acknowledge the influence he has on their customers, so much so that Zach has become a globetrotter on two wheels. The brands take him all over the world to test their rides; one day you’ll find Zach riding the beautiful roads of Europe, and the next he’d be negotiating a mountain pass in the Himalayas. 

Who else would we get as our resident expert if we want to give you, the AO community, motorcycle content you can count on? Zach is our man. And we are very thankful he is open to collaborating with us. So this is how it’s going to work: Zach’s forte is the video format, so he’ll continue to do that on Makina. He also wants to write, but has no time to edit them, so that’s where we come in—Zach will be reviewing motorcycles in written format on AO, and we’ll be his army of editors. 

In the meantime, watch this interview profile on our new resident motorcycle expert where he talks about a lot of things, including how he almost never got into motorcycles, and how he plans to solve the Edsa problem for good: