1. Ann B. Mateo wearing swimseacandy

Swimseacandy not only looks great but also looks hella comfortable. It provides extra support without being constricting, which is what you want if you just want to have a hassle-free day at the beach.

2. Ella Hake wearing beyondthebeachph

We noticed that beyondthebeachph's swimsuits provide really secure support for both the top and bottom piece. Which doesn't just help avoid wardrobe malfunctions, but also gives a bit of oomph to the chest and buns!

3. Pia Padre wearing satorirerevolution

We have to admit that this particular line of bikinis can be a bit extra at times but that's a good thing when you want to stand out. The extra fabric and strings outline certain areas that need your girl wants to highlight as seen very clearly in the photo above.

4. Danika Nemis wearing oceanberryswim

Oceanberryswim is just a fun bikini to look at with all its vibrant colors and because of its cute but because sophisticated design your girlfriend won't have to worry about looking juvenile.

5. Bea Benedicto wearing cesaph

You just can't go wrong with cesaph because their bikinis are so flattering to so many different body types, which is why they're probably one of the most popular brands out there.

6. Chin Chin Obcena wearing slobikini

Slobikini's fashion line is a bit more daring than what you'd normally see here in the Philippines, but believe us when we tell you that they're the perfect thing wear when your girlfriend wants to flaunt what her mama gave her. They also have a really cool snake print design out now that you'll want to check out.

7. Chealsea Robato wearing wearsunday

What's great about wearsunday is that they also have matching bead bags that go amazingly well with their bikini line when your girlfriend wants to be extra fashown and be able to have her sunscreen with her at all times.

8. Emmanuelle Vera wearing pinksalmonclothing

Other than the fact that we love this bikini line's name, the bikinis we've seen from them are all pretty minimalist, but can really show off the wearer's body well because of their form-fitting design.

9. Jessy Mendiola wearing eighthmermaid 

One reason why eighthmermaid is such a popular brand is because their swimwear just makes you look sexy regardless of how much skin you want to show off. They have very clever designs that embellish all the right curves your girl might want to show off. 

10. Angela Martinez wearing nekidswimwear

If your girlfriend is into pastel and nude colors then nekidswimwear will be perfect for her and her IG feed. This bikini line will blend quite nicely with her thematic IG feed.

11. Ivana Alawi wearing Coco Bliss Manila

Cocoblissmanila looks almost like a mix of swimwear and lingerie and that's what makes it so very interesting to admire. From frilly colorful bikinis to more tamed down but very sleek swimwear like this one, you'll have a lot of options when choosing for your girl.

12. Nadine Lustre wearing hm

How could we forget a bikini line that broke that set social media on fire? We were unsure if we wanted to include a mainstream brand on this list but it's honestly such a good bikini line. What's great about Nadine Lustre's line is that it's honestly really easy to pull off and is easily accessible for everyone.