Riding a motorcycle is more than getting from point A to point B, it’s really about embracing a lifestyle on the road. And syempre, when we talk of lifestyle, kasama na porma diyan. So you don’t only upgrade your ride, you level up your look. 


That is why when we set our sights on the Nike SFB Gen 2 Tactical Boot in one of our titingin lang visits to the official Nike site, napa-wow kami because we figured uy, pwedeng pang-tormots to ah! 

According to the product information on the Nike site, the SFB Gen 2 is made from “durable nylon canvas and synthetic leather. It’s a lightweight tactical boot designed for speed and flexibility over rough terrain…the flexibke sole is equipped with an aggressive traction pattern for multi-surface grip and internal rock shield to help prevent punctures. 

By definition, tactical boots are “designed for operations performed by law enforcement professionals, military service members and special ops, security pros, and public safety workers. They are heavy-duty shoes made to perform under tough circumstances while keeping the wearer comfortable and agile.”

In other words, pwede ngang pang-motor. Pang-wasakan eh. 

Medyo pang-wasakan din ang presyo: P8,095. Pero pwede na, ang angas naman ng dating mo!