It was just last week that we saw posts about certain people from the poor sector allegedly violating quarantine protocols. Well, it turns out the middle-to-upper class are equally as hard-headed. 

Dismayed by the increasing volume of vehicles traveling along major thoroughfares despite the enhanced community...

As such, IATF head and Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles reiterated calls for strict implementation of lockdown protocols. Only those with 'authorized persons outside of residence' (APOR) pass will be allowed to go out. And in case you're still confused whether you are authorized or not, you should ask yourself the following questions: Am I employed in basic services? Am I a security guard, grocery store employee, medical services employee, funeral services employee or a government frontliner? Do I work in media, bank, public utilities or assigned to delivery of goods? If your answer to all is 'no', then stay home.

You're only allowed to go out to get food and supplies, and only one in the household will be allowed to do so. Your cravings for overpriced coffee and artisan cakes can wait.