We don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing. For some it is, kasi nga you only get one day for receiving gifts instead of two. And then there’s the fact that your birthday will probably be swept under the rug because there are more important things to do like, yeah, celebrate Christmas. 


Our favorite girl Ivana Alawi knows this all too well because—surprise, surprise!—her birthday falls on Christmas day. She reveals this in her latest vlog entry, which at this writing has garnered 175,000 views an hour after it was uploaded. 

Inire na ako ng nanay ko nung Pasko,” she quips in a charming, down-to-earth way, a quirk in her personality that is slowly becoming trademark, and reason she keeps piling on the subscribers (at this writing it’s at 3.22 million after 25 videos). 

Her latest vlog was uploaded a day after Christmas, Philippine Time, which means that it is  Christmas where she is at the time of upload. 

The vlog is a straight-up unwrapping of gifts both for her mom and sister and for herself. Girls, you know what this means—bags! Louis Vuitton bags, to be exact! Us guys, we still have no clue why women obsess over these bags. Mura lang yan sa Divi!


Watch Ivana’s latest vlog here: