Sunshine definitely provides much needed light in our lives. She shines it right—dalawang beses pa! (you know what we mean). 

That is why we almost feel that it’s her responsibility to make the most out of her social media platforms. She is doing so well on Instagram, with more than a million followers. Meanwhile, over on YouTube she has her work cut out for her and she definitely needs to step up her video creation game. Thankfully, pinagbigyan niya ang pangangailangan natin and she is back to making regular vids now in her newly titled vlog I Am Your Sunshine. Bagay na bagay sa kanya! 

Check out her latest vlogs here:

Still the queen of bikini shopping!

This is the unboxing we enjoy!

Club wear even though di tayo makakapag-clubbing sa ngayon!

Magkakaalaman na!