A real stroke of genius, this was. A Japanese woman (of course, it had to be Japanese!), launched her YouTube cooking channel but had the novel idea of using her chest as ad space. Genius!

Known as Kuma Cooking (くまクッキング), the Japanese lady started uploading cooking videos late 2019. She uses tight t-shirts across her bossoms as advertising space. As you might expect, she has quickly gained a large following event though this rising star of vlogging hasn't been on YouTube very long.

We tried to look for an image of her face, but there are none (for now). This enterprising YouTuber is said to be an office worker looking to make a side hustle. She certainly found one. She also claims that there are enough space on her, uh, boobies for large texts and images for advertisers. Ano sa tingin niyo, kasya ba?