Raise your hand, those who've searched 'coronavirus' on Pornhub. Umamin. Well, in case you're wondering, yes, my dear boy, there are at least a hundred porn titles referencing 'COVID-19' and 'Coronavirus' at the most popular porn site in the world.

Consider titles like "MILF In Coronavirus Quarantine Gets Hard Fucked for Medicine", or "Coronavirus patients fuck in quarantine room." Some uploaders are saying they are trying to be informative in their videos, like proper mask usage and how the virus spreads. In "COVID-19 Coronavirus: Horny Slut Has to Use Protection During Outbreak!", the performers are about to get it on when the dad proceeds to give her 'daughter' a 30-second PSA on coronavirus—from state of the coronavirus outbreak in China, the purpose of masks, to why they should use protection during sex.

Of course, most of the titles referencing the outbreak that has caused much alarm worldwide are just riding the wave, as most on the internet are in this day and age.