101-Year old survives both the 1918 influenza and COVID-19 pandemic

A patient known as 'Mr. P' was admitted to a hospital in Italy last week after testing positive COVID-19. It did not take long before he beat the bug and was discharged just last Thursday. As if him being 101 years old and surviving COVID-19 wasn't a miracle enough for you, what about this: The man was born in 1919, a year after the Spanish flu pandemic hit the world and killed millions. Hey, if he can do it, maybe most of us can too!

Tuloy pa rin ang landian!

Para-paraan lang guys! Itong isang lalaki sa Brooklyn sent out a drone to a girl he saw dancing on a rooftop across the building.

Jeremy Cohen waved hello at the girl, who said 'hi' back. He sent her a drone with his number on it and she texted him back. The two eventually went on a virtual dinner date. 

Turns out the date went pretty well, and Jeremy wanted to get closer. So here's what happened.

Follow Jeremy on his IG if you want to know what happens next.

Music therapy available everywhere online!

What a blessing this internet thing has turned out at a time like this. Everyone has a way to connect with anyone via social media platforms and channels. Needless to say, there are a lot of great content out there. Check out the playlist above of Viva Records catalogue. You can also get them through iTunes and Google Play. And if you want to see music videos instead, they're available on YouTube

Tuloy ang kasiyahan sa internet!

Many production have been shelved at the moment because of the quarantine being imposed upon us. But thanks to the internet, many have found a way to continue providing us with entertainment. ABS-CBN's Showtime found its way to Zoom in delivering shows to everyone.

Viva TV on YouTube has workout videos you can busy yourself with while on quarantine. Here's a video by Debbie Garcia.

There are also great feel-good movies at Netflix, like ABNKKBSNPLako?! and Sarah G's Unforgettable.

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