Who the f*ck is CLOY?

You mean you have no idea? Not even the slightest hint when your life—your sleep, your work, your relationships, your meals, your toilet habits, all of them—is already being turned inside out because you have to make room for marathoning CLOY, or Crash Landing On You?

Yes, that CLOY. We feel you comrade—you can’t believe you are shit-deep into CLOY when you’ve already made a promise to yourself never to fall for the trap of watching K-dramas. We made the same promise ourselves, until we realized why the hell should we do that when K-drama stars are the most beautiful creatures on this virus-ridden planet. 

          Song Hye-kyo, My Girl And I

Song Ji-hyo, Princess Hours

Park Shin-hye, Heart Strings

Lee Sung-kyung,  Cheese in the Trap

It’s alright if you have not seen any of this, but CLOY—it’s a different creature. 

Son Ye-jin

Seo Ji-hye

By now you should know how brave telling the story of life in the two Koreas—North and South—is. Props to its creators for even thinking it. But as a whole, it is still the kakilig love dynamic between lead stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin that’s a given, as pairings like them are the lifeblood of most K-dramas. 

Here’s the thing: you can almost ignore the love angle if you want to, but there’s absolutely no ignoring the support cast of both actors—the ragtag group of soldiers rooting for the guy, and the wily gaggle of wives on the side of the girl. If you ask us, sila talaga ang bida ng CLOY!

When they’re on, the absolutely light up the screen. They are damn funny! 

We don’t understand a single word they’re saying but they deliver all the laughs on point. They kind of make you schizoid when the heavy parts come. Take all these characters, plus the good-looking leads, and a bulletproof story and CLOY is a joy to watch. 

Yep, if you’re already marathoning CLOY you get what we’re saying. Tulog-tulog din pag may time, nandyan lang naman yang next episode, di mawawala yan. 

But who are we kidding? Pramis, isang episode na lang tapos matutulog na kami ha ha ha!