1. Persona 4

With elements of jazz, pop, electronica, funk, rock, and hip-hop, composer Shoji Meguro was able to create two CDs worth of music for the game Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4. That Meguro was able to create a cohesive piece of work while playing with so many genres of music is impressive in itself. Add to that the immense value it added to the already great game that is Persona 4 and you have a game soundtrack that should be enshrined as a classic.

Notable tracks: "Pursuing My True Self","Signs of Love"


2. Final Fantasy X

While you can almost always trust JRPGs to deliver in the music department, there might be no one that does it better or more consistently than Final Fantasy. Almost everyone has their own favorite FF soundtrack and they're all valid choices but FFX is one of the more notable ones. From the haunting piano of "To Zanarkand" to the pulsing beats of the battle music, this soundtrack has it all.


Notable tracks: "To Zanarkand", "A Fleeting Dream"


3. Red Dead Redemption 2


A game as epic as Red Dead Redemption 2 deserves an equally epic soundtrack. And that is exactly what you get as you play through the multitude of hours as the game's protagonist, Arthur Morgan. The music is what you'd expect from the context of the game without straying into cheesy spaghetti western music territory. Who knew horse-riding music can sound so fresh?


Notable tracks: "Cruel, Cruel World", "May I? Stand Unshaken"


4. Life is Strange


The soundtrack of Life is Strange plays out more like an indie folk mixtape than a video game soundtrack. That might be due to the fact that Life is Strange is more of an experience than a traditional game with the music playing an integral part in how the story plays out. Yes, the songs are good on their own but it's in the context of the game and the emotions they evoke or heighten that give them infinitely more power.

Notable tracks: "To All Of You", "Crosses", "Spanish Sahara"


5. Bust a Groove

It's only apt that one of the best music-based rhythm games ever created also has one of the best in-game soundtracks of all time. Bust a Groove featured songs that were as LSS-inducing back in 1998 as it is today. Yes, the staying power of this soundtrack is partly fuelled by '90s nostalgia but there's no denying that the tracks in this game were and still are catchy as hell.


Notable tracks: "Natural Playboy", "Power"

Main image from wallpaperplay.com