President Rodrigo Duterte places the whole of Luzon under 'enhanced community quarantine' in an effort to slow down the spread of COVID-19. But what does this mean to all of us exactly? Here's a helpful infographic from GMA reporter Raffy Tima on the salient points of the guidelines issued by Malacanang.

Image courtesy of Raffy Tima

The Inter-Agency Task Force will meet on a daily basis for necessary adjustments on the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine. As this was implemented at midnight, there were some stranded commuters at the borders as they try to go home, March 17th.

Those going out to get supplies will be allowed as long as only one in the household will go get them. If you have a car, only one of you in the household can go. Those without cars will have a harder time as all public transportation are suspended from operating. One will have to walk their way to the nearest grocery or pharmacy.

We're sure there will be adjustments to the guidelines, since there are still a lot that aren't quite clear. How can the staff of the supermarkets and pharmacies go to work if they can't commute? The same question applies to skeleton staff of companies. Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said that you can be arrested for violating the guidelines within the enhanced community quarantine memorandum. To be safe, always bring a government-issued identification. Ingat mga par.