Now that the government order for people to stay at home as a major quarantine measure to stop the spread of Covid-19 seems to finally be getting across, we now find ourselves with more time to reflect upon our actions that will either contribute to the fight or aggravate the situation we are already faced with. 

Or we could merely escape to an alternate reality—which is what many of us have come to rely on TikTok.

For all the foolishness and inanities, innocent or otherwise, TikTok is providing a much needed respite from all the grim news we have been bombarded with on other social media platforms. On Facebook, it’s a cesspool of fake news. On Twitter, it’s a blaming game (and not to mention all the wrong trending #). On TikTok, people are reclaiming their sanities by being funny. 

Tawa rin kung kaya.

And we’ve shown time and again how we are experts at this. Here are some of the hilarious bit we’ve seen so far on TikTok. Keep it coming, people, let’s be mindful about stopping this virus, but with out sense of humor well and intact!

Nanay naman!

Ghorl, galing mong mag-English!

ha ha ha, Sanya ano ba yang bibig mo!

T'yang Amy ayusin mo kasi trabaho!

Grabe si Maja ang harsh!

Eh yung face pag nagkikita tayo?

Huwag kang mareklamo!

Replay button!

Pwet mo!

Ikaw, ipagpapalit namin?! No way!

Okay, boomer