Gwyneth Paltrow has really become a weirdo. Or maybe she always has been, and we're just now getting a glimpse of her quirkiness. After all, it's only recently that she was given a platform to air out her unconventional beliefs and ideas. You can check out Goop to see what we're talking about, or you can watch her upcoming Netflix show, The Goop Lab.

Goop recently listed a candle called 'This Smells Like My Vagina'. Now, we're not entirely sure if that name implies that it smells like Gwyneth's vajayjay, but we're assuming it does—even if it were just for marketing strategy. And it worked: the candle is currently sold out.

Mura lang naman, $75 siya. That's roughly around P3,750. Quite a steal, if you want a whiff of, you know.

Some are making fun of the vagina-scented candle.

For that price, we certainly hope the candle doesn't smell like burning fish meat. Anyway, if you want to catch more of Gwyneth's weird philosophical musings, here's the teaser trailer for her Netflix show, coming this January.