Do you like numbers? Do you like women and numbers?

Good, you’re matalino pero medyo pilyo. You are going to appreciate these data sets on the Philippines’ reigning queens of YouTube: Alex Gonzaga and Ivana Alawi (which is correct at the time of writing. Their numbers grow like crazy):

Alex Gonzaga: 6.07 million subscribers. 484,761,666 page views.

Ivana Alawi: 4.71 million subscribers. 188,204,991 page views. 

For a combined total of: 10.78 million subscribers. 672,074,446 page views. 

Why are we bothering with the math when we could just be staring at Ivana Alawi’s pictures all day long or watching Alex for a laugh, all to cope with Covid-29 quarantine? 

Because we cannot but marvel at the huge potential of an Alex Gonzaga-Ivana Alawi vlog collaboration happening on YT, which just happened! Yep, Alex rolled out the first salvo of the collaboration, and it is HILARIOUS! 

We will definitely not spoil it for you, but let us just say that it involves fake breasts, a lot of breast comparison talk, some jiggling, a joke about lactation, destroying an ex-boyfriend in  one sentence (who deserved it), and many others. All in under 13 minutes. As Alex herself warns in the beginning of her vlogs: “Watch at your own risk. It’s for entertainment purposes only. Not political, not religious, not thing.” Here it is:

The vlog has garnered 1,046,459 views in four hours at this writing. As collabs go, Ivana Alawi is bound to go next with her own content. Let’s see what she has,uhm, under her shirt! 

*Trivia: Ivana’s stats are, according to her: 32B-23-24. MEMORIZE THIS.