COVID-19 is no laughing matter. That said, Pornhub and delivery apps must be making a killing right now. Here's something that might help in boosting your immune system to fight off any virus: Masturbation.

If you've been looking for an excuse to masturbate, this might be it. In a study conducted by the Department of Medical Psychology at the University Clinic of Essen (in Germany), a group of 11 volunteers were asked to participate in a study that would look at the effects of orgasm through masturbation on the white blood cell count and immune system.The results confirmed that sexual arousal and orgasm increased the number of white blood cells, especially the number of natural killer cells that help fight off infections. Hurray for science!


Of course, this does not mean masturbation is the ultimate answer to our COVID-19 problems. Continue monitoring advisories from the Department of Health regarding social distancing and other recommended measures. And don't forget to wash your hands with soap—whether you fap or not.