We get it; sometimes in the heat of battle we get so worked up that we end up hitting opponents in the nether regions. But one French soccer player seems to have taken the fight too far when he bit the penis of another soccer player, the victim needing 12 stitches. Ouch.


Both players were not named as legal procedures are under way. According to ESPN, the incident happened in November 2019. It involved two amateur teams, the AS Soetrich player attacked an SC Terville opponent after the latter attempted to calm a scuffle during the match between the two sides. The disciplinary committee in the Moselle region convened more than two months later to finally decide what action to take and opted for a five-year suspension for the offender.

Both players were fined.  We're not entirely sure about the circumstances to say whether the judgements were fair. What we'd like to know is, how did the guy end up south of the other guy to be able to bite his penis?