Just how big is the biggest OPM song today, “Marikit” by Juan Caoile featuring Kyle? As we write this, these are the hit song’s huge numbers: #1 Trending Spotify global with 13 million streams. It’s also the most streamed daily on Spotify and no.1 on Spotify Philippines’ Viral 50. It’s also the no. 1 trending on Youtube Philippines. 

And this is the most mind-blowing: on TikTok #BinibiningMarikit has racked up 280 million + views! That is like saying all 106 million Pinoys, which is our current total population, watched all the content on #BinibiningMarikit three times! Wow!

We’re one of the legions who viewed the hit song on TikTok, but we were more focused on finding the celebrities who contributed the best vids on the short video platform. Here are our choices: