TikTok is great for funny, inane stuff.

Bad for people who are terrible at coming up with funny and inane stuff, especially when what they come up with is needlessly dangerous, like this Skullbreaker challenge we’ve been hearing  about. 

As you can see, the point of the challenge, said to have originated in Venezuela, is to see how the middle person falls after the two on either side take a swing at both his/her legs.

The basic laws of physics state that he will fall flat on his/her back and slam on the ground. The back of the head, where the brain precariously sits and is suspiciously absent in this challenge, will most likely slam on the ground, too. The New York Post reports that injuries have been reported and in one case, a charge of misdemeanor battery and cyberbullying have been filed. 

Here is why a challenge like this is dangerous, not only because of the physical harm it can do: these stunts/pranks are not outside the realm of the-stupid-things-you-do-when-you-are-young-and-in-school. Any typical high schooler, for example, will find stunts like this fun, just because. Throw in the prospect of raking in those likes on TikTok and you have more stupid reasons to do it. 

So kids, TikTok is great, but lay off the Skullbreaker okay? The Sabi ko na Barbie Challenge is much, much better.