Obviously, marami!


That is because P4 trillion is 4 followed by 12 zeroes, or P4,000,000,000,000. If you had that much cash, you would be P3.7 trillion richer than the Philippines’ current richest guy, Manny Villar, who is worth $5.5 billion, or P278,300,000,000. Parang pulubi lang si Villar in comparison to your wealth. 

Maybe the actual power of a trillion isn’t sinking in on you yet because, after all, it’s just a lot of zeroes written down. Okay, let’s do a little more practical math: suppose you expect to live 70 more years from today. Magkano ang perang pwede mong sunugin araw-araw if you had P4 trillion? 


365 days a year x 70 = you have 25,550 days to live. Doing our basic division, lalabas na ang daily budget mo for the next 70 years would be…

Ganyan karaming pera ang meron ka araw-araw! Question: Kailangan mo pang magtrabaho? Answer: Tanga ka ba?! Syempre hindi na!

Now, let’s play around with the thought. Let’s suppose gastador ka talaga at pera lang yan para sa’yo. So the plan is you want to spend P4 trillion as quickly as you can because, well, you can, how can you do it? 

When it comes to spending indiscriminately, no money is ever enough money. Mag-casino ka lang araw-araw baka wala pang limang taon yang P4 trillion mo. But where is the creativity in that?

So let’s think of a couple things we can splurge on with P4 trillion. Obviously madami yan but we’ll stick to the essentials and let you imagine all the other things you’d want to buy. Also: Bawas ng kaunti sa bibilhin if you want everything on our list—kailangan din talaga mag-budget!

If you had even a fraction of P4 trillion, san mo gagastusin?