If TikTok turned to be the vaccine the world needs to defeat the coronavirus, magaling na tayo lahat! 

But it isn’t. Although it is saving us from ultimate boredom just by allowing us to be our silly, natural selves.

The fact that millions of us are hooked on this novel social platform has not been lost on Viva, the country’s biggest entertainment country and home to the top stars in the industry like Anne Curtis and Sarah Geronimo. Because their business is built on discovering new superstars the decided that TikTok might be new frontier for finding these fresh faces. And so the TikTokista To Artista Search. 

The mechanics seem to be pretty straightforward, and the P50,000 cash prize, management contract, acting workshop and makeover all the more sweetens the deal. But if we at AO were to bet on the kind of talent we want Viva to signs, we’d push for these kinds of videos: 

Ilalaban talaga namin kayo sa search if you do it right like these!