Mary Lite Lamayo

We’ve not really been TikToking but it looks you’ll start seeing our silly vids there soon after we saw Mary Lite there and crushed real hard. Cute girls in braces are heaven-sent!

Pandora Kaaki

What happens when Pandora Kaaki opens? Unlike a box of chocolates, you’ll always know what you’re gonna get!

Maria Chang

This half Taiwanese cutie has been traveling all over the world, we hope she has the time to stay here with us awhile. 

Chelsy Ereneta

We're just in love with Chelsy Ereneta's shoulder game.

Emmanuel Vera

There is just something mysterious about Emmanuel, just like her name. We also hear she makes great music—we wonder what it’s like to be alone with her and hearing her voice close to your ear. 

Sarah Carlos

The best things really do come in small packages. Sarah is petite but her sex appeal screams statuesque beauty queen. 

Daphny Red

What wonder what kind of twerk vid Daphny Red will come up with next.

Michele Gumabao

She’s doing an amazing job on the volleyball court—but she is doing an even more stellar job outside of it, because she isn’t an athlete and a beauty queen for nothing. 

Ponggay Gaston


Liezel Lopez

More than the jokes and funny parodies, we tune in to Bubble Gang because of the ladies. Liezel Lopez is one reason to have Bubble Gang around forever.

Cam Lagmay

We need fitness influencers like Cam Lagmay on our feed to inspire us to get rid of this holiday weight gain.

Stacey Gabriel

Why does Stacey possess such exotic features? Because there is Spanish, Portuguese, and Filipino in her blood. It’s like she drew all the lucky lots from the gene pool.

Andrea Magadia

You wouldn't be able to tell from Andrea Magadia's wholesome face that she's one hell of a bombshell. This singer and dancer from After 5 has definitely got the curves and the pipes to knock anyone's socks off!

Angela Martinez

These days of filters and fakery, we put more premium on being real and natural—and this is where Angela truly stands out. 

Nika Higashionna

We're in love with Nika Higashionna's taste for streetwear and her swimwear looks are our faves as well.

Chesca Paredes

Chesca Paredes's IG is unfortunately set on private because she's just that kind of gal, but if you're lucky enough to get in you'll be in for a treat.

Jelly Revilla

Jelly Revilla in a tank top is all you need to get through a hard day's work.

Zarah Tolentino

The celebrity image that Zarah wants for herself is an equal mix of sexy and childlike innocence. Is that even possible? Yes, because that’s what she is IRL.

Christine Co

Every guy out there who go nuts for chinitas like Christine Co, let us hear you. Wow! That’s, like, all of us!

Nikkie Millares

The Fil-Am girl from SB Newgen wishes that us Pinoys would be more open-minded. In other words, you are holding her back from showing more!

Kim Molina

How hot is it if a woman is the one who makes you laugh? That’s how Kim plays her game, so you better be ready with your standup comedy counter-offensive or else she’ll find you boring.

Joshie Bonnevie

Guys who have no idea of the power of her surname, you better start Googling. If you’re too lazy, then shut up and just stare at her pics on IG all day (that’s what we do!).

Shanne Villa-Real

Shanne Villa-Real is an introvert in a party girl's body and that makes it even hotter when she does open up to you.

Faye Lorenzo

It looks like Faye was sculpted out of marble. Look at that flawless skin! We’re sure to need shades when we see Faye live in the flesh.

Kristine Anj

One of AO’s early discoveries. We just stumbled upon a couple of her pics on Facebook and thought she looked like this generation’s Rufa Mae Quinto. Turns out she also has the comedian streak in her. Okay, who are we fooling—you know why we reached out to her, you’re staring at them.

Mathilda Krogg

Mathilda is Philippine cycling’s best-kept secret. And we’re not just saying this because she’s a pretty girl on a bike—she can beat the hell out of anyone in a race as a member of the Philippine Navy Standard Insurance Women’s Cycling Team.

Cherizawa/Cher Bernacha

Cherbernacha's streams are what get us through slow days at the office. Her gameplay commentary keep us wide awake and lol-ing.

Sara Jane Edwards

Our Mobile Legend careers would be complete if we could scrim with Sara Jane Edwards. 

Alexa Asahina

On the other hand, we'd still be happy to lose to Alexa Asahina at Tekken 7 any day of the week.

Ella Hake

Ella Hake's been an infuencer as far as she can remember but she's still coming up with ways to keep her content fresh and of course, sexy.

Paulina Evangelista

Another one of those models who graciously accepted our cold call for a shoot. And it all came out really awesome. One particular vid, which we titled “Living In With Paulina Evangelista” is smoking on YT. We think we know why.

Chie Filomeno

You probably know Chie as a member of GirlTrends but it’s on Instagram where she is really making a name for herself. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t put out a killer selfie on IG, which is why we’re one of her most ardent followers.

Kheny Soliva Berco

We'd love to have a private tutoring session with teacher Khenny. We wonder how well we'd score on her English tests.

Nicole De los Reyes

Nicole De los Reyes could probably dribble rings around us but we wouldn't care as long as we got a view of her excellent form.

Lai Austria

Lai Austria's pearly white skin is something other girls would die for and we can definitely see why it's so sought after.

Maine Mendoza

You don’t consider Maine Mendoza a sexy actress—yet. But when she is ready, we’ll all be in for a surprise because she’ll slay it. She might not be equipped with ample “assets” for it, but as some of her bikini photos on IG show, her sex appeal is oozing. 

Christine Samson

We honestly find it difficuly watching Christine Samson's stream... without falling in love with her. We mean, excellent gameplay skills AND a gorgeous face like that? We must be dreaming and have gone to gamer heaven!

Cindy Miranda

It has always been Cindy’s goal to somehow break out of the mold of a beauty queen, which she did in spades in her performance in the matapang sexy movie of 2019, Adan.

Rhen Escaño

It took Rhen 10 years to finally get the biggest break of her showbiz career when she starred in Adan. If she continues on this path, we just might have ourselves a new Pantasya ng Bayan. 

Rachel Anne Daquis

Is Rachel Anne Daquis a monster on the volleyball court? Yes. Does this make her any less sexy? Not. See for yourself.

Siobe Lim/Krystal Kate Mana

Look, let’s not be hypocrites here: So Siobe/Krystal Kate happens to have a sex video scandal. It’s not like she’s doing anything none of us consenting adults are doing. This doesn’t take away the one thing she is: One of the hottest new faces out there. You’ll see more of her soon on AO, we promise!

Sachzna Laparan

Sachzna Laparan has been everyone's and their father's crush ever since she's made her presence known on social media. We're happy she's gone so far in her career and would definitely love to work with her soon!

Erika Rae Raymundo

Just turned 18 and already we are declaring her the true heir apparent to the Sabado Nights Girl epithet. Why? Because she is the daughter of the original, Ina Raymundo. Now, is it fair to compare who is sexier?

AJ Raval

Anyone would find it hard to imagine AJ Raval in an action film just like her dad Jeric Raval, but after talking to her, we sense that this girl has a lot more fight in her than you would think!

Pauline Lopez

Just when we thought we couldn't fall in love with Pauline Lopez even more but then she showed us how awesome she was at Taekwando while representing the Philippines in the 30th SEA Games. Damn, this girl just has it all.

Klea Pineda

TV producers, we’re imploring you: in her next teleserye, give Klea a character who always finds herself wearing a bikini—maybe because she lives by the beach and she’s a surf instructor or something? It’s your call, just out her in bikinis because she is amazing wearing them!

Bianca Umali

This 2020, we will be working doubly hard to talk to Bianca Umali’s team to convince her to do on an exclusive AO shoot, because that’s how you break the Internet. Her hotness levels need a waiver!

Sanya Lopez

We won’t be surprised if Sanya Lopez joins a beauty pageant in 2020, because she is primed for it. But before she does that, we’ll be talking to her people for a shoot session. We know how hard it is for winners of pageants to be booked for a shoot. There, Sanya, we called it!

Sue Ramirez

Sue Ramirez just embodies the phrase, "effortlessly sexy" all too well. We're glad she's taking more daring roles because we really dig how well she projects her irresistible sensuality.

Ivana Alawi

And our first AO hottest for 2019, guys, give everything you’ve got for Ivana! The choice really wasn’t that difficult for us, as you can see. We also have to say: we are hooked on her vlog, where we’re loving her pilya and kalog persona, which we bet is her for real. This is also our official call-out: Let’s do a shoot in 2020, Ivana. Congratulations for being the hottest of them all!