Around this time of year, our IG feeds should already be awash with delicious bikini photos of female IG influencers lounging the days away at the beach. 

Not that we’re having none. In fact, with a lot of them going around it’s as though we aren’t in the thick of a pandemic. It’s just that these photos are all just wistful throwbacks to a time when everything was normal. The general mood is that we are all missing the great outdoors so much. 

But when we finally get to rein in the coronavirus and it’s time for the bikini influencers to take back their lives out in the sun, we wonder how they would do it exactly. A coronavirus vaccine is said to take almost a year and half to make, and word is out that the the new normal dictates that we do the social distancing thing for two years. Face masks are going to have to be the new lifestyle accessory. 

If this is the case, then our beautiful beach influencers might find it useful to follow the lead of one swimsuit maker in Thailand, Thai Fruit, who are making face masks to go with their fruity swimsuits. 

Here’s what it looks like on models:

Cute! We’re excited to see this trend on our local beach darlings!