Sunshine Guimary, the Cebuana social media celebrity who has 1.1 Million followers on Instagram just on the strength of her bombshell-from-heaven pictures, and all that while not having even crossed over to being a bona fide artista yet, FINALLY does cross over to become a bona fide artista by signing up with the biggest movie company in the country, Viva. 

What’s in it for Sunshine with the Viva deal?

Well, for starters as an exclusive Viva talent Sunshine has full creative license to play as she pleases with all the entertainment company's platforms, from movies to TV and digital—even music if one day she wakes up and decides she wants to be a pop star. As we write this, Viva is already getting ready to supercharge Sunshine’s YT vlog output by giving her all the technical and creative support she needs. Pwedeng maging parang pelikula na yung mga vlog niya!

And moving on to movies—man, is Sunshine going to be very busy! The talent management contract comes with a 10-PICTURE DEAL, which means that we will be seeing a whole new Sunshine Guimary who moves and talks and acts! Who knows—we might all be in for a surprise if it turns out that Sunshine has so much hugot in her that she then translates into award-winning acting. 

Congratulations, Sunshine! We are so excited for you! And, of course, as Viva and AO are bosom buddies and close collaborators, we look forward to an explosive, exclusive shoot with you. But in the meantime, we will feast on your IG photos, which you have most generously shared to all of us:

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One million followers ain't a surprise, isn't it?

Like the cliche goes, her future looks so bright!

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