SB NewGen Girls Julie - Julie Aring

Pag sinabing Julie... sweet. But, don't underestimate how fiesty this girl can get when she's on the dance floor. Her sweet demeanor might fool you into thinking she's soft spoken and mahinhin, but once you get to know Julie, she's super kalog and fun to talk to.

SB NewGen Eunice - Eunice Andrea

Pag sinabing Eunice... Diva! Eunice has amazing pipes. She's the lead singer of the group and when she belts it out, everyone's going to listen. Though, being a great singer doesn't mean she's lacking in the dance department because we're telling you that you better prepare yourself once we show you the dance videos we shot.

SB NewGen Daphny - Daphny Red

Pag sinabing Daphny... twerk! You might know this viral queen from her twerk video with her lola. Kind of a weird combination but trust us, it was adorable AF just like Daphny. Oh yeah, her moniker is twerk for a reason. You might get a headache if you watch Daphny too intently.

SB Newgen Nikkie - Nikkie Millares

Pag sinabing Nikkie... cute. This fil-am cutie will make you fall in love with her kikay attitude that's a perfect balance of maarte and kawaii. But just because she's cute doesn't mean she can't get sexy when she breaks out of her shell. She wore some pretty intense stuff during our shoot (leather, spikes, and all) and we can definitely appreciate that side of her as well.

SB Newgen Keshia - Keshia Almoroto

Pag sinabing Keshia... sexy. We find it hilarious that the other SB Newgen girls call Keshia the manang of the group because she's kind of like the older sister that tells them off when they're being naughty. That said, there's nothing manang about this girl on the outside and we got a lot of photos and videos as proof.

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Art director: Paul Villariba
Styling: Debra Bernales
Hair: Team MVP (Muriel Vega-Perez)
Makeup: Team MVP (Muriel Vega-Perez)