You look amazing. You look quite fit. What's your secret?

Why, thank you! I play polo. I'm seeing (dating) the coach of the SEA Games polo team (Anthony Garcia). He's the top-rated polo player in the country right now, so I'm learning from the best. I learned to play in Calatagan, Batangas, where I became Vice-Mayor. I also do Keto (low-carbohydrate diet). I watch my diet. I'm also a very positive person.

You're still quite active in the business. Tell us about your projects?

I'm finishing a movie with Viva called Delta. I'm on the MMFF film Miracle in Cell No. 7 with Aga Muhlach. I play Tirso Cruz's wife. I've also an upcoming movie with Joel Lamangan. 

We see you on your social media accounts, and you've been traveling a lot...

I'm pretty chill right now. I just got back from Argentina. And I'm very vocal about this so I'll mention it: I'm also advocating this thing called egg-banking (a medical method where a woman gathers and preserve her high quality, healthy eggs for future fertilization). Ladies my age, as young as I am, we have to do this and I'm advocating this one. Of course, I've also got my hands full being a mom! My daughter's 9 years old na and I enjoy my time being a mom.

You mentioned about your becoming Vice-Mayor, was that a consideration on your decision to have this shoot with fellow Viva Hot Babes?

I think I was the most nervous here because of that fact! I really had second thoughts about this. But there were two things that convinced me that I should do this. I know for a fact that we had a lot of fans who would want to see us together again and know what we've been up to. That's one reason. The other is, I asked myself if i don't do this now, when am I going to do it? When I'm 60? You know what I mean? We're all still in pretty good shape, and I believe we're hotter than ever! So, why not do it now?