You've got great painting skills! We didn't know that about you...

I took it up in college. Fine Arts, Advertising, in St. Scholastica. But it was advertising. And now I go to this studio called Galvez Atelier by Alfred Galvez.

Do you have any plans of an exhibit?

Oh gosh! Right now, people can view my paintings on my social media accounts. But I'm still learning! I'm trying to be more technical about it. I'm more into collecting now. Maybe someday.

Have you always been painting? Or have you just recently rediscovered your love for it?

Hmm..I only got back to it when I stopped sa public service. It's something that I've been wanting to do, so I did! I built my own studio at home.

If you weren't acting, would you say that you would be an artist? A painter?

I'm not sure about that. I just do it to relax. It's fun! Kapag wala akong taping, walang shoot, yun yung nagiging creative outlet ko. I also do it for my daughter. Its where we let out our creative juices. It's also a perfect way for us to bond as mother-daughter.