Are you working from home now? How do you look like? Probably not respectable. 


What’s the point of dressing up for work when home is the office anyway. All you need is to fire up your computer; you can leave the messy hair, skip the toothbrush, and forget about changing your underwear. If there’s a zoom meeting—well, put on a crisp white shirt and a tie…and leave the underwear. Can they tell?

But if you do this, mahiya ka naman kay Bela Padilla. Here is a gal who, when she decided to get a chunk of work done from home, did it with CEO-level sharpness!

She put out two Instagram posts in succession recently:

In this one, you can see her figuring out how to assemble an office table she had just ordered. There are two key things we want you to notice here: First, this must be her pambahay look,  and if it is—man, she still looks like she’s about to do a fashion shoot! Second, her condo is MONEY. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the greens of what appears to be a golf course—we would take a guess that this is a posh condo in BGC. But bottomline: She is getting things done herself. 

In the succeeding post she has succeeded in assembling the table and so dresses up for work. This is how she looked like:

What?! Our women friends tell us the shoes and the bag alone scrapes the hundred-thousand peso mark. Like a boss, Bela is!