After kicking ass and making our jaws drop to the floor with her performance in Maria, Cristine Reyes doesn't seem to be done with taking on out new excited movie roles. Cristine Reyes is starring in the new sexy mystery, psychological, action-thriller, Untrue. Untrue's story revolves around two OFW's Mara (Cristine Reyes) and Joaquim (Xian Lim) who met and started a whirlwind romance in a foreign country. Things start to become complicated once they really start to get to know each other and the tension between them turns violent.

For a taste of how steamy things can get between Cristine Reyes and Xian Lim, we suggest you watch our behind-the-scenes video of their photo shoot for Untrue.

Here's a trailer for Untrue:

But honestly, hearing Cristine Reyes say "Igagapos kita" is all the reason you need to make you want to watch, Untrue. Untrue will be showing in cinemas nationwide February 19, 2020!

We know you want to see more of Cristine Reyes's hotness so here's our exclusive photo shoot with her from #AOTheMagazine, which is still available in National Bookstore, Filbar's, and Booksale branches nationwide!