Real name: Francoise Denyse S. Fainsan. It’s pretty but we like her radio DJ handle better: Laboching. Why? Because it captures the cute, crazy side of her, which listeners on popular radio station 90.7 Love Radio get to listen to every day. 

She’s the kind of girl that you know you won’t ever have a boring day with. You also kinda know that she is never maselankoboy, we like to say. Basta, even if she doesn’t end up liking us, as long as we can get to hang with her okay na yon! Watch this vid of her playing basketball with the boys. Sobrang angas!

But don’t get us wrong. If she wants us to see how hot and sexy she is, she will. Buti na lang she is not shy to show her sizzling side on IG:

It's leg day today!

...And beach day every day!

Ha ha, that crazy caption!

If she wasn't a DJ, she'd probably be a hot model!

They can say all they want about the taba! We still think you're hot!

We love the razor sharp wit of this girl!

Ooh, kinky!

That glow in her face says it all

Piping hot!