How does it feel being able to travel the world?

Traveling the world is a feeling of constant growth, every day I learn something new. It's amazing to be able to meet people from different cultures.

What's the most exciting experience you've had while traveling?

The best experience was when i went to London. I've always dreamt of travelling there since I was a child so it was a dream come through for my when I got to visit!

What made you visit the Philippines?

I always wanted to visit the Philippines because I heard about the country's wonderful beaches. My modelling agency gave me an opportunity to work on a project in Manila so I just took it!

We saw that you had the chance to ride on the MRT, how was your experience commuting? 

Everywhere I travel I always want to try living the same experiences the locals have. I honestly enjoyed the experience of riding the metro. Though, in my opinion, they could expand the system to more parts of the city and even the provinces to help reduce traffic. I would definitely use it more often if that were the case.

I feel like a giraffe on this train! I'm the tallest person here. Here the POV from my eye-level.

We saw a cute IG story of your commute. How tall are you by the way?

I'm 5’9 so it was easy for me to take that shot, ha ha!