By now you know that freshly minted YouTube superstar Ivana Alawi has just crossed over to mainstream show business by signing up with ABS-CBN as a bona fide artista. In fact, she recently vlogged about how she got to being where she is now. One thing is for sure, from being a self-confessed hubadera on social media, much much bigger things are in store now for our beloved Ivana. 

We would have wanted to congratulate her for working real hard for the money—except she doesn’t really need the money. Baka nga siya pa magpasweldo sa sarili niyang production crew! We’re not kidding. In an interview with Vice Ganda for GGV, she revealed that her Moroccan father left her a sizable inheritance.

Get that, Ivana critics—her dad left everything in her name. And then in her latest vlog she gave us a tour of their house in Bahrain, which looks like it was torn out of a page in an interior design magazine. Grabe, hayahay ang buhay ni Ivana!

So in a way, hindi na kailangang magpagod ni Ivana to be an artista but that is where her heart is. Which makes her a gem all the more because you know that it’s passion that drives her to do the things she does. Galing! Ikaw na talaga Ivana!