We're very happy that Jessy Mendiola finally has the time to fit in one of her old passions into to her hectic schedule. True Jessy Mendiola fans would remember that this gorgeous babe use to dabble in some pole dancing a while back, three LONG years in fact. And boy do we remember the good ol' days.

Now you guys understand why we were so pumped after seeing this post on our feeds:

Jessie is back on the pole and she looks as sexy as ever. Luckily, Jessy Mendiola documents her pole dancing experiences in her somewhat new YouTube channel, Jessy Mendiola and this time she even has some familiar faces with her!

The always sexy and super talented professional dancer and celebrity, Dawn Chang.

and Christina Dy, professional pole instructor who Jessy actually played as in the MMK episode we just embedded above!

You guys can watch the Jessy Mendiola's YouTube Vlog below. Hopefully we can get a part 2, 3, 4... we mean, we don't see ourselves getting bored if this pretty easily.