What does a software delivery implementation analyst do?

In a nutshell, as a Software Delivery Implementation Analyst, I implement software for new clients and I troubleshoot software issues.


What kind of software do you guys work with?

EXOS, it’s a human fitness performance company. They have a web application software which is where we, the technical team come into play. This is what I implement and troubleshoot.


How did you get into the digital implementation business?

I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in the Philippines. Ever since, I’ve been working in the software industry for 8 years.


How does being a software digital implementation analyst compare to being a model?

They are two completely different worlds. Working as a techie in the software industry is being someone behind the computer, analyzing, and troubleshooting complex issues all day, where as being a model is posing in front of the camera, looking glamorous.


Has being a sexy model ever affected your being a software digital implementation analyst?

Not really, as the software analyst aspect is my day job, and modeling is something that I do for fun.


How do you balance being a model, makeup artist and software digital implementation analyst?

I do my job as a Software Delivery Implementation Analyst on the weekdays, and freelance in makeup artist gigs and photoshoots during the weekends.


In the Philippines, a lot of companies are conservative when it comes to their employees showing off skin on their social media accounts, is it the same in LA?

Not at all, it’s very different working in the US. People here mind their own business, so your work life is different from your personal life. As long as you’re not stepping on other people or doing anything self destructive that affects your ability to do your job, you have the freedom to do what you want.


Do you find that having knowledge in computers and different kinds of software sexy?

Absolutely! I mean how many models did you run into that work in the software industry? Kidding aside, I find that having skills or talent is a huge plus in making someone more attractive.


What do you think is sexier, being a software digital implementation analyst or being a model?

Both! As a model, you are fit and live a healthy lifestyle, and being in the software industry you constantly use your critical and analytical thinking. Being able to exercise both your brain and body is sexy!