How did your interest in fitness and wellness come about? Is it because you’re a model?

 It’s actually the other way around, I model because I got into fitness! It all started when I wanted to get fit for a summer vacation. I loved how working out made me look and feel, and it quickly became my therapy. The rest, as they say, is history.


What kind of training and exercises do you do?

I follow this online program that is mostly strength training and high-intensity interval workouts. I workout at home, around 5-6 times a week.


What’s the best thing about getting fit?

Feeling confident and sexy. Being confident is a powerful feeling. You feel like you can do anything! Getting stronger is another amazing benefit. When I recently flew back to LA by myself, I felt pretty good carrying my heavy luggage without asking for help.


How do you feel about taking selfies at the gym?

I’m all for it and do it too! I think it’s a form of self expression. What others think don’t matter!


How do you motivate yourself to consistently workout regularly and eat properly?

It takes a tremendous amount of dedication and discipline--it’s hard to rely purely on motivation, because honestly the motivation isn’t always there. Seeing results and feeling great motivates me to workout regularly and eat healthy. It’s hard to start, but I always feel amazing after each workout. I try to imagine the way I feel after a workout–-this helps me push myself to start.


I made fitness a priority, it’s part of my daily routine (Just like your job, you have a daily schedule for it. You have to treat your workout routine the same way or somewhat similar– set time for it everyday).


I also found the kind of workouts I enjoy, which is strength training and different workouts everyday (I get bored easily, so an hour on the treadmill is NOT for me). I also found what kind of healthy food I enjoy. I think it’s super important to find what workouts and food you enjoy, otherwise it’s only a matter of time before you quit.


Do you think posting progress photos on social media helps with your goals?

Absolutely! Taking progress pictures are super helpful because you won’t notice the daily changes but when you compare your current picture to your picture from a few months ago, you can be amazed. It also feels great to inspire others when I share my progress on social media.


Do you have any fitness goals you’d want to achieve in the near future?

My goal is a smaller waist and a bigger butt through strength training. I’m currently on a bulking phase right now, where I lift heavier on leg days and eat more calories than I burn to achieve that goal.


Would you prefer a partner that can keep up with you while working out?

Not necessarily, but it’s just a plus if they workout as well, so we can do things like workout or hike together!


Which do you prefer in a guy, chiseled abs or a dad bod?

Though I do prefer that he also takes care of himself (for his health), I could care less about the abs! A good sense of humor of more important to me!


Do you think that being healthy and working out are things that everyone should get into?

Definitely! Though I understand it’s extremely hard to keep up with a healthy lifestyle, the benefits are honestly life-changing. You feel great and you look great. I wouldn’t have the guts to model if it weren’t for working out and eating right.