It isn't a secret that we're La Lisa Stans here at AO. We've been following this woman's content for a while now and have been waiting for an opportunity to talk about her again. Luckily, Queen Lisa recently uploaded a jaw-dropping dance video on her YouTube channel, Lilifilm Official, on which she posts personal dance covers and behind-the-scenes shots of her tours with BLACKPINK. 

The said video is currently number one on #trending on YouTube so we guess that we might not be the only ones who've noticed it. This would be the third installment in this series of dance videos.

Here are the first

and second videos in case you've unlucky enough to not have been blessed with La Lisa content on your recommendations feed.

While you can only expect fire from La Lisa Manoban, we think the videos are only getting better and better so we can't wait until she releases the next ones. Here's the third (and our personal fave for apparent reasons) so you can judge for yourself.

Hopefully she'll release more videos soon! Please don't keep us waiting queen <3