After becoming a housemate on Pinoy Big Brother and appearing on the cover of now-defunct men’s magazine FHM Philippines three years ago, model Margo Midwinter has been pretty quiet. But even when she was still in the limelight back then, no one ever really knew the full potential that lay in her. 

That is, we weren’t told she could record a dance track, which is what she did after signing with Viva. First project up for her is a single fresh off the studio called “What You Do”. Here’s the full video:

Pretty A-list if you ask us. Margo still has the charm that made her perfect for a magazine cover. Trust that AO is making sure you’ll get a look at the new Margo in an exclusive shoot. For starters, here’s an IG appreciation gallery:

Her face is definitely A-list

Would we love to spend all day just lounging around with her

The look of love

Can lazy late afternoons always be like this?

The morning-after glow