While we do appreciate Giulia Paviani for taking time from her busy schedule to work with us to produce these gorgeous sexy photos of her, it pains us that it might take a while for her to come back since her job as an international model takes her to different parts of the world #sanaall

We get it, though. Th world is a big place and some people might thing that visiting the same place more than once would be redundant but as a seasoned traveler, Giulia Paviani seems to believe otherwise. When we asked her if she'd want to come back to the Philippines even if it's not for work she replied, "I always end up going back to the same places because of my work. I've actually been to China four times and Italy three times. But even if it's not for work, I'd like to go back to the Philippines because of the wonderful people I met when I was there."

There you have it ladies and gentlemen! A bit of Filipino hospitality goes a long way. Hopefully we'll get a chance to spend sometime with Giulia again pretty soon but until then, here's a few photos to remember her by.