All those magazine covers you did—it was like one topping the other. 

Ha ha ha, yes! Now that I think about it, that’s how it was back then. You had to make the next one an even bigger deal than the last—kailangan mas matapang! I think the idea of showing skin back then was really about pushing it, ngayon kasi parang iba na ang trend, sexier doesn’t mean showing more skin, minsan nga parang the clothes you wear make you even sexier. Kahit sa movies din, I notice that you can have a love scene without baring so much. Times are changing, which I think is an advantage for the new artistas. 

Okay, so what are you busy with now?

I just finished shooting Adan. Everyone knows it was a very sexy movie, although I did not show anything there, kasi mommy ang role ko don. I’m shooting another film but this time it’s comedy naman. I’m waiting for a new script from Bos Vic (Viva Films head honcho Vic del Rosario) that is quite sexy—ding!—ayan na, ha ha ha!

Great! So now we’re talking about a return to form.

It won’t be as grabe as before, but I like to think that the love scenes there will be a whole lot different from how they were back then. I haven’t yet read to script kasi. So yeah, there are these new movies line up, plus I still do corporate and out-of-town shows. 

So you haven’t really been away. 

Yes. People have this mistaken notion that just because you are not seen on TV often you’re not doing anything. But the truth is, you’re doing more. 

What about your social media presence? Do you try to keep up with the younger set?

Well, if you look at my IG, some of them would be with my kids. But recently I’ve started to change the theme a bit—I’ve put in more “me” stuff in, like my travels out of the country. I also have a YouTube account, so in that sense, yes, tina-try ko rin sumabay, but I’m not expecting my channel to hit one million subscribers or anything like that—mas go with the flow lang ang channel ko. As we speak right now, I have 31,700 subscribers. Not so bad, for someone who’s starting. I’ve monetized it na, so I’m feeling a bit of pressure to produce more content. Tik Tok? Ha ha ha, wala!