Bad Genius is a breakout 2017 Thai film about a poor but smart girl enrolled in a prestigious high school who, upon the prodding of her rich classmates, devises an elaborate cheating scheme to get the spoiled moneyed brats through exams and eventually to pass an admissions test for college abroad. 

The plot is simple but the execution of the heist formula is on point. The real gem, though, of the movie is its main star, Thai model Aokbab—full name Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying—whose shy yet cunning character shone through in the movie. While she is mostly in school uniforms in Bad Genius, there is no denying the model pedigree that Aokbab has, and thankfully she maintains an Instagram account where we can see more of her in full glam:

Aokbab is made for magazine shoots

collarbone fans, anyone?


She can be cute when she wants to, obviously 

Little red dress

Like your high school crush!

Like a Modigliani painting

Weight-watching of late?

Full-on glamour!