Yes, Mika Reyes the ace volleyball player who recently just made the move to the Sta. Lucia Realtors after a phenomenal run with the Petron Blaze Spikers, is also now a vlogger. And damn well she should because if ever there was a celebrity meter to go with a power meter for every move Mika made on the court, it would consistently register on the the A-list levels. Mika is just pure unadulterated beauty on and off the court. 

The maiden vlog on her channel is the required get-to-know-me content, which is just perfect because much of what we know about her is basically off her professional life. For example, now we know that she will it all kinds of sinigang, with overflowing super sour broth and lots n lots of vegetables. That’s one of 10 things you will know about Mika:

10 Things About Me

Another vlog is exactly what we’d hope she’d do—a travel blog to El Nido, Palawan. Why? Because on the beach, and therefore: swimsuits! Someone as tall as her will always look great in swimsuits.

El Nido, Palawan

As we write this, Mika has 36.5K subscribers and 531,833 views. As she produces more content showing a lot of different sides to her, numbers are sure to grow exponentially. What we know for sure is that if Mika ever wants to be an artista, all she really has to do is say so and the movie companies will come knocking at her door.

Because we are such super fans of Mika, let’s have more of her in pictures:

The glow in Mika's face will win any losing game

Mika has what it takes to wear a more daring swimsuit

The champion poise!

Legs that go on for days!

Don't you think Mika has it all?

This is why we are such huge fans!

Peace within 

When Mika does glam, she does it impeccably

Breathtaking indeed!