The 2019 South Korean film Parasite is right on track to become required viewing for students and serious fans of cinema. Writer and director Bong Joon-ho has created one of the most original storylines of late—that of the gnawing divide between the rich and poor, imagined in the context of a con movie with a huge dose of black humor, and shot in the most elegant cinema you will see in a long time. 

The way things are going, it’s going to win an Oscar; critics have been universal in their acclaim of the film, paying particular attention to the different levels of context you can glean from the film and the genius of its creative execution. 

We wholeheartedly agree with the movie critics that Parasite is pure cinematic genius. But we will also not let go of the fact that one of the stars in the movie, Park So-Dam, is beautiful and so wicked in the film. We are serious fans of Korean pop culture so it’s incumbent upon us to celebrate Park So-Dam with a visual extravaganza:

Instant crush

The face that refreshes

On her way to Hollywood? Why not!


Have you ever seen such flawlessness?

On any normal day

If this is how she looks in the morning, we're marrying her!